Island man loses nearly 200 pounds in transition from obesity to bodybuilding.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

For 24-year-old New Dorp resident Christian Kenny-Sivio, his losses are others' gains.

Once 355 pounds and facing a number of health ailments as recently as late 2016, Kenny-Sivio has since pulled off a complete 180 and is now a prospering bodybuilder and nutritional fitness his new and improved weight of 161 pounds. Yes, you read that figure right. Kenny-Sivio shed 194 pounds en route to turning his life around in less than a two-year span. But, it didn't happen overnight and the fitness guru, who finished among the top five performers at the National Physique Committee's East Coast Cup Championships in Connecticut last month, wants others to know that the hard work is worth it in the long run."I ate anything and everything, I huffed and puffed just walking up stairs," admitted Kenny-Sivio. "I stayed in the house, no beach, no pool, because I was so uncomfortable and unhappy with my body and health. "Now, I'm way more confident and comfortable in my own body," he added.


One summer, Kenny-Sivio met his friends at Six Flags amusement park, only to learn he was too heavy to ride any of the attractions. But, in December of 2016, Kenny-Sivio had greater concerns. At 22-years-old, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol, and was told by doctors that he was borderline diabetic. "The doctor handed me a stack of prescriptions," said Kenny-Sivio. "I decided I wasn't gonna take any of the pills because I wasn't going to take pills my whole life, so instead I made a lifestyle change."


As if things weren't tough enough, Kenny-Sivio learned he was also dealing with a benign brain tumor on his pituitary gland. "It made it even harder to lose weight because the condition sent my hormones into a frenzy," he explained. "I tried all the top mainstream diets: Atkins, WeightWatchers, and others," added Kenny-Sivio. "They either didn't work, or made things worse."


"I realized that it's ironic to think that one diet can be applied to millions of people and work when everyone has different genetics, metabolisms, and bodies," noted Kenny-Sivio. By late 2017, he was fed up with diets that returned little results, so he took matters into his own hands. "I decided to go to school full time for nutrition and dietetics," said Kenny-Sivio. At the same time, he was becoming a certified personal trainer at the National Academy of Sports Medicine. "With that knowledge, I created my own diet custom to me that periodically changed as my body changed," he explained. "From that point, my weight and body started changing drastically, so I decided I was going to do a bodybuilding competition. "I set my goal for October of 2018," added Kenny-Sivio. Fast forward to Oct. 13, 2018, and Christian Kenny-Sivio was taking home top five finishes in the bodybuilding and classic physique competitions at the East Coast Cup Championships.


"Now, I'm just working to train people and help them," said Kenny-Sivio. OG Fitness, Kenny-Sivio's self-started business, has served over 100 clients around the country -- assisting them with training and dietary needs on a daily basis. You can sign up for Kenny-Sivio's services and nutrition packages at

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